Corrosion Failure Analysis

Huguenot Laboratories is the leader in the treatment and prevention of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in fire sprinkler systems. Our engineers’ expertise and experience in corrosion control for both new and existing fire sprinkler systems, will determine what corrective action is needed to mitigate leaks and failures in your fire sprinkler system. After reviewing all the information regarding your fire sprinkler system, Huguenot Laboratories will provide laboratory analysis to identify the extent of corrosion in order to determine the necessary corrective action.

Our laboratory services include Water Analysis, Metallurgical Analysis, ICP Deposit Analysis (Inductively Coupled Plasma), Borescopic Video Inspection, Ultrasonic pipe wall thickness gauge measurement, and on-site inspection of your fire sprinkler system. Our laboratory analysis is specifically designed to identify the most effective corrosion management solution for your fire sprinkler system.

We offer chemical treatment programs, patented chemical feed systems, and corrosion coupon monitoring programs to accurately monitor and control corrosion within your fire sprinkler system. Our engineers are dedicated to providing quality service and are available to directly assist you. Huguenot Laboratories has over 30 years of experience servicing the fire sprinkler industry.