Corrosion Coupons for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Huguenot Laboratories specializes in expert metallurgical pipe failure analysis, and corrosion analysis. We have extensive experience in applying root cause failure analysis to solving engineering problems and identifying the cause of the failure.

Failure and Root Cause Analysis

Our materials engineers and failure analysts provide independent expert opinions regarding pipe failure analysis. Our approach is to examine or test materials to evaluate the root cause of your pipe failure. This is critical because proper root cause analysis identifies the basic source or origin of your problem. Root Cause analysis is a step-by-step approach that leads to the identification of a failure first or root cause. Every system, equipment, or component failure happens for a reason. There are specific successions of events that lead to failure. A root cause analysis investigation follows the cause and effect path from the final failure back to the root cause.

Root Cause Procedure

Huguenot Laboratories collects the data, analyses the data, and generates a report that clearly explains what happened, how it happened, and most importantly why it happened. Once the cause of the failure is identified and defined we will be able to provide clients with practical recommendations that are both appropriate and have been proven successful at correcting the problems that were identified.