Demo Test Kits

Demo Test Kits

This Demostation kit is proof in our UL Listed ProGuard 295 UL and UL Listed ProGuard 295UL D-3 belief that we have developed the most effective and uniquely engineered chemical treatment products for use in fire protections systems on the market today. This demo test kit offers you the opportunity to visually see how effective our treatment products work, so you can make a truly educated and informed decision on which treatment products to use. No other company that offers chemical treatment products will let you test the Huguenot product before you buy it. Our chemical engineering expertise has positioned Huguenot Laboratories as the world leaders in fire sprinkler chemical treatment technology. Our treatment products have been developed through extensive research and continuous development programs based upon sound education, experience in corrosion mitigation, water treatment, and sprinkler technology.


Single bottle analyses are normally completed on the supply water to determine the quality of the supply water. Two bottle analyses are normally completed on anti-freeze systems and dry systems. Samples will be taken from the supply water as well as a remote drain of the sprinkler system. Three bottle analysis testing is normally completed on wet sprinkler systems. These systems involve sampling the supply water, main drain, and inspector’s port locations. Four bottle testing was developed for the Tennessee Fire Marshal Association. This testing involves analytical testing of the fire hydrant closest to the building, a supplied sample captured from a sink inside the building, the main drain, and the inspector’s port samples from the sprinkler systems.

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