Corrosion Coupons for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Huguenot Laboratories specializes in the field of corrosion monitoring, measurement, control, and prevention. Measuring the relative corrosive quality of your water is a tremendously valuable diagnostic technique. Not only does it provide an index of water treatment program performance; it also can provide early warning of corrosion problems that can do irreparable harm to Fire Protection Systems (FPS) if left unchecked.

Huguenot Laboratories offers comprehensive A.S.T.M. certified corrosion coupon studies to monitor and optimize the life expectancy of the Fire Protection Systems (FPS). Following exposure to the water, our laboratory conducts a thorough inspection and analysis of each coupon to calculate corrosion rates. When a corrosion study is being completed on an un-treated FPS, supplemental coupon studies with microscopic analysis of pitting and deposit formations on metal surfaces, photomicrography, and evaluation of corrosion mechanisms by our corrosion specialists.

Corrosion Monitoring Station Specifications

Corrosion Monitoring Systems


In our typical monitoring program coupons are exposed to the fire sprinkler system environment for a 90-day duration before being removed for laboratory analyses. This gives basic corrosion rate measurements at a frequency of four times a year. The weight loss resulting from any single coupon exposure yields the “average” rate of corrosion occurring during that exposure time.

Advantages of Our Eagle Eye Corrosion Coupon Monitoring Systems Are:

  1. Our corrosion monitoring methods are easy to understand and implement.
  2. Our equipment reliability has been demonstrated in the field and has been successfully applied to an increasing range of applications with many years of operational usage.
  3. Visual inspection can be undertaken.
  4. Corrosion deposits can be observed and analyzed.
  5. Localized corrosion can be identified and measured.
  6. Weight loss can be readily determined and corrosion rates easily calculated.
  7. Results are easy to interpret.
  8. Any corrosion inhibitor treatment program in place can be easily assessed for effectiveness.
  9. Our measuring equipment can be made safe for hazardous area operations.
  10.  The users of our equipment have experienced significant economic benefits through reduced facility shut downtime and the extended life expectancy of their fire sprinkler systems.